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A Complete Guide To Finding The Right Bag Manufacturer In China

China is already the first choice for mass production of all kinds of designed bags. Emerging companies and well-known brands are looking for Chinese manufacturers to make their products. If you’re thinking about the same thing, you should know something before you start.

So what kind of bags are suitable for manufacturing in China?

China’s leading position in the field of large-scale luggage manufacturing is well known. There are five famous luggage manufacturing cities in China, each with its own characteristics. You will surely find that at least one of them can make the kind of bag you need.

When it comes to materials, you can find leather bags, canvas bags, and jute bags. In addition, you can meet bag manufacturers who use materials such as spunbond, fusible, and Spunlaced. You can find bags made of different fabrics. You can find exquisite bags and strong suitcases.

In terms of style, you won’t be disappointed. You can find manufacturers of handbags, handbags, cosmetic bags, waist bags, luggage bags, strap bags, backpacks, sling bags, and handbags.

There are also some reliable manufacturers handling bags. Special bags are also made in China. They include mountaineering bags, sports bags, laptop bags, refrigerated bags, foldable bags, and printed or laminated bags.

But you won’t find all of this diversity in a manufacturing city. Each region has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to narrow down the range of potential bag manufacturers. You can do this by deciding the type of bag you want to make and choosing the region that specializes in producing bags.

What are the characteristics of each of the five top manufacturing cities?

  1. Yiwu City

Yiwu has the largest wholesale market of low price commodities: Yiwu International Trade City. Wholesale markets work with small traders and manufacturers. This can control prices and increase the diversity of goods.

If you are considering ordering cheap daily bags, Yiwu may be your best choice. As long as you keep your order simple and avoid large orders, it should be OK. You may need to do a thorough inspection as the quality may fluctuate.

As you might expect, Yiwu is not the best place to look for complex and highly customized mass bag manufacturers. Sometimes, even if you insist on using the same wholesaler, the quality will be different. This is because the products are produced in limited quantities from small manufacturers nearby.

  1. Guangzhou

Guangzhou is one of the most important port cities in China, with a rich history of international trade. As a result, it is the fastest-growing in terms of skilled labor. Modern and technologically advanced factories contribute to this reputation.

Guangzhou is a good place to look for customized bag manufacturers or luxury bag manufacturers. The production of high-quality luggage is also a specialty in this field. Big brands such as Guess, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and puma all have bag manufacturers in Guangzhou. Even companies like Apple make their laptop bags here.

With the pace of development, labor prices are also rising. Therefore, this may not be the right place to make cheap or generic bags for rough use.

  1. Baigou town

Baigou is often called “northern Yiwu”. It has the same privileges as Yiwu. In addition, it is the third-largest luggage manufacturing center.

Low labor costs make it an ideal choice for start-ups. This is because it reduces the capital required. Handbags and cosmetic bags are the most common manufacturing products in this field.

The disadvantage of Baigou is that it has little experience in international trade. The factory is relatively small. In addition, the workforce needs adequate training to execute specific orders. This means that large and complex orders are not suitable for Baigou. Luggage bags are definitely not the kind of products you should produce in Baigou.

  1. Quanzhou City

Quanzhou is a famous port city. It has witnessed a longer trade history than Guangzhou. This is another distribution center where you can find bag manufacturers who produce high-quality special bags. However, it is still more expensive than other manufacturing cities.

You can rely on Quanzhou to make high-quality sports bags, luggage bags, laptop bags, and backpacks. In addition, you can find your ideal custom bag manufacturer among the many reliable companies here. They can handle large orders while maintaining quality. Compared with Guangzhou, it has a big advantage; It offers better prices.

Like Guangzhou, Quanzhou is not a good place to buy ordinary, cheap handbags or cosmetic bags. Although the price is better than Guangzhou, it is still higher than other manufacturing cities. Therefore, for enterprises with limited funds, this is not ideal.

  1. Pinghu City

Pinghu City has some excellent luggage suppliers. The region has seen enough international trade to handle overseas orders skillfully. In addition, it is equipped with a factory to manufacture high-quality special bags. They can handle large orders smoothly.

Pinghu’s manufacturers specialize in bags and suitcases. You can also find bag manufacturers for other types of bags. It is very suitable for enterprises seeking to manufacture durable and high-quality travel bags on a large scale.

Pinghu is not suitable for new enterprises seeking price competitiveness. This is due to very high labor costs and specialization of very special products

Another important trade exhibition worthy of attention

Canton Fair

China Import and export fair or Canton Fair is a trade exhibition held twice a year in Guangzhou. It is the oldest and largest trade exhibition in China.

Engaged in import and export, commodity inspection, economic and technological exchanges, transportation, advertising, insurance, trade consulting, and other business activities.

This is a must for people in the bag industry. This is because a lot of valuable contacts can be made during the exhibition. It is also a melting pot of tradition and modernity, which can stimulate your wonderful creativity.

Hong Kong APLF

This exhibition is the first choice for looking for first-class leather bag manufacturers. APLF is a global leader in diversified, medium, and high-quality leather parts. From bags to shoes, from clothing to interior decoration, you can find them here.

In a prominent location like Hong Kong, it offers opportunities to meet with buyers or manufacturers. People from all over the world are gathered here. Because of this, it has become an excellent place for people in the luggage industry to establish valuable business relations.

Matters needing attention when importing bags from China

Different countries have different norms in terms of manufacturing and distribution. The United States and the European Union have very specific environmental protection laws to comply with. Ensure that your manufacturing partner’s processes do not involve the use of prohibited chemicals and materials in your country.

You should be familiar with the customs in terms of import and export laws of China and your country/region as well. Be ready to check your goods at any time. Make sure nothing can stand in the way of your business. You don’t want your potential profits to be used to pay unnecessary duties and fines. Choose a company with international trade experience.

Ensure that the shipment carries all necessary documents, such as brand authorization or original bill of lading. You also need to apply to the commodity inspection authorities for compulsory inspection in China. When importing luggage from China, lack of documentation and skipping procedures often lead to complications.

So we’ve covered most of the difficult aspects of finding the perfect bag manufacturer for your business. We also discussed potential problems and ways to avoid them. This should be enough to prepare you for a strong business relationship with a made-in-China company. With this, we wish you all the best!

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