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Bags Production Capacity

Leather Bags & Straw Bags Production Capacity

As a bag manufacturer, we produce all kinds of promotional bags Among our promotional bag species are notebook bags, briefcases, backpacks, travel cases, sports bags, tablet PC bags, camera bags, makeup bags, beach bags, shopping bags, belt bags, shaving kit bags, shoulder bags, Umrah/pilgrimage bags, thermal cooler bags, handbags, exposition bags, seminar bags, congress bags, school bags, emergency cases and more. Your desired logo or text are placed on the promotional bags, we produce elegantly.

Our most advanced manufacturing facilities can produce various types of bags.


All fabrics are available including oxford, nylon, dacron, canvas and rPET. Besides, you can also designate brands and features of the cloth, we will test it out and realize it in no time.


Zippers, hookers and other fixtures can be customized in shape and material. Specific brands and other functional specifications can also be required if budget permits.


With ample resources of material vendors, we can easily get different colours of cloth, so any requirement even for colours rarely used, we will get you covered.

Shape, Size, Pocket & Printing
More than 100 qualified master sewers and a complete line of machines for every production process will provide you with endless possibilities of shapes, sizes and pockets.

From backpack and tote to satchel, messenger and duffle, a wide array of options for bag shape are accessible to you with fine craftsmanship.

With high-precision laser cutting machines and experienced workers, we will make all your bags to the exact dimension you want.

Pockets making is never a problem for us. So you will have plenty of options for the quantity, size, materials and placement of pockets here with us, bringing about more possibilities for your custom bags.

Optional printing methods are available for your different needs.

The Process

Step 1:

Consultation: Discuss options such as
5)Construction (Drawstring, flap over)
7)Target prices
8)Deadline Dates


Sampling Process
We make a pre-production sample and if approved we can move onto Step 3.

Step 3 Production

Production time takes anywhere from 30-45 days depending on the quantity. We will have a better idea of Production time after the consultation in Step 1.

Step 4 Delivery

Ship via Ocean or Air.

    If you need OEM or ODM service,please contact us, we will be very willing to service you.
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