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Bags Production Management Specification

1. Purpose

Strengthen the production process management, standardize the control of various factors affecting the production progress and process quality, make the production under control, improve the production efficiency, and improve the product quality.

2. scope of application

It applies to the whole production process control from order review and signing to finished product warehousing and delivery after the customer confirms the intention.

3. responsibilities

(1) Business department: quotation and cost analysis of bags order products, provision of material (quota) list, sample preparation and confirmation, issuance of production notice, and coordination of product delivery.

(2) Production department: participate in order review, review the production notice and material quota submitted by the business department, approve the process (step) process and man-hour quota, issue purchase orders and production orders, coordinate and supervise the implementation of functional work in procurement, workshop, equipment, inspection, packaging and warehouse, and complete production tasks with quality and quantity on schedule.

(3) Procurement department: organize the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials according to the material quota and the procurement instructions issued by the production department, and store them in the warehouse on schedule to ensure the production materials.

(4) Quality control department: perform incoming inspection, finished product inspection, and delivery inspection according to procedures to ensure the quality of delivered products.

(5) Workshop: implement the weekly production schedule issued by the production department, decompose processes, allocate production factors (personnel, materials, machines, etc.), organize balanced production, supervise and implement the manufacturing process, and complete the production tasks on schedule.

(6) Warehouse management group: warehousing, storage and distribution of materials, and material accounting and ticket management.

(7) Others: the office and finance department work according to their functions.

4.Coordinate production plan and production preparation

(1) Relevant departments shall implement production preparations within the specified time limit to create good conditions for a workshop production. The business department shall provide material procurement list and consumption quota, which shall be reviewed by the production director, reported to the general manager’s office for approval, and submitted to the procurement section group for procurement.

(2) After receiving the approved material procurement list, the procurement department shall decompose and select qualified (designated) suppliers, negotiate relevant procurement contract elements (including material variety, specification, and model, quality requirements, unit price, delivery time, payment method, etc.), formulate procurement contracts, report to the general manager office for approval and Implementation, and purchase to the warehouse within the planned time.

(3) The business department shall provide samples to guide production within the specified time and deliver them to the workshop for production control reference. For products with special requirements, the technology section of the business department shall provide operation guidance documents (or work liaison sheets) to clarify.

(4) The workshop supervisor shall carry out step decomposition and process division for the packaged products to be put into mass production, prepare the production process flow, prepare the unit price of piecework wage process (step) and submit it to the production department for review.

(5) The production department shall prepare the weekly production plan according to the order contract and the actual production capacity of the workshop, which shall be approved by the weekly meeting and distributed to all departments and workshops for implementation.

(6) If the market customers need to temporarily insert orders and adjust the production plan, the business department shall submit it to the general manager’s office for review, and put forward corresponding adjustment schemes for the production sequence of orders.

(7) When the order is larger than the production capacity, the production department shall maintain good communication with customers, strive for the support and understanding of customers in the delivery cycle, and create a necessary environment for the production workshop.

(8) Each workshop shall allocate personnel, materials, machines, and equipment according to the weekly production plan, and the warehouse, machine repair, and other support personnel shall cooperate closely to ensure the production is on schedule.

(9) Go to work every day. The workshop management personnel go to work 10-15 minutes in advance and issue the “dispatch list” and processing materials and finished products of each process personnel Before leaving work every day, the workshop management personnel shall reasonably allocate operators according to the production plan, output indicators and the needs of process balance, and determine the quota output of each process personnel for the next day.

5.Control of bag production process

(1) After the new order is fed, the workshop shall confirm the first article of each process, including material texture, color, style and structure, processing quality, and appearance effect.

(2) The first article confirmation shall be organized by the workshop director or team leader or half pass inspection, with the participation of operators in this process. The first article confirmation must be recorded.

(3) Major nonconformities found in the first article confirmation shall be corrected in time before batch production.

(4) The workshop management personnel shall coordinate the handover point inspection of material application, material distribution, and finished product transfer according to the specified procedures to ensure the smooth connection of production logistics.

(5) Workshop managers and inspectors shall conduct patrol inspection, control process quality, correct illegal operations, and nonconformities, and conduct sequence transfer inspection for key processes.

(6) In the production process, if it is found that the defective rate of materials or defective production and scrapping exceed the specified indicators, it shall be reported to the factory Department in time, organize relevant personnel to review and put forward solutions.

(7) The workshop shall send the finished products to the bags inspection workshop, and the quality control department shall organize the inspection. For the complete inspection of finished products, the finished products submitted for inspection must be inspected one by one. The finished products can only be packaged and delivered after passing the full inspection.

(8) Workshop management personnel shall strengthen the supervision of subordinate personnel to abide by labor discipline, do a good job in the sorting and rectification of their posts, and consciously maintain the production order and environment. After work, operators shall tidy up the hygiene of their posts, turn off the lights and fans, and cut off the power supply of the machine.

(9) The operators of each process in the workshop shall complete the quota output and progress issued by the “dispatch list”, and put the “dispatch list” signed by the workshop management personnel into the worklist box as the basis for salary accounting at the end of each day.

(10) The personnel of the factory department shall go deep into the workshop to check the implementation of the production plan, timely coordinate and deal with the shortage of materials on the production site, control the overall production rhythm and deliver goods on time.

6.Comprehensive management

(1) Workers shall pay attention to cultivating good living/hygiene habits, consciously maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the workshop environment and keep the passage unblocked.

(2) When workers do not eat snacks in the workshop, they do not arbitrarily discard paper scraps and garbage, and do not trample on materials. Smoking in workshops and warehouses is strictly prohibited.

(3) Workers shall tidy up their posts before leaving work every day, including machine wiping, appliance collection, finished product sorting, workbench, and surrounding environment cleaning, and turn off the lighting power supply, fan power supply, and machine power supply.

(4) The duty personnel shall be arranged every day to be responsible for the sorting and cleaning of the passageway, material preparation area, and finished product area, so as to keep the workshop clean and tidy.

(5) A large inventory and cleaning of the workshop shall be arranged once a month, the materials in the workshop shall be checked, sorted, and treated by category, and the ceiling, walls, doors, and windows of the workshop shall be fully wiped and cleaned to ensure the overall cleanliness and safe production.

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