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Introduction To The Fabric Of Bags

  1. Cordura is a kind of fabric invented by DuPont company. It is light, fast-drying, soft, and durable. It is not easy to change colour after Using for a long time. This kind of fabric can appear in two colors from different angles. It is usually woven with nylon. With denier as the strength standard, it has 160D, 210D, 330D, 420D, 600D, 900D, 1000D, and so on. The higher the number, the stronger the texture. Generally, 160D to 210D are used on clothes or as lining for outdoor bags.
  2. Kodra, to a certain extent, can replace Cordura. This fabric is also made of nylon, which is also based on the fibre strength standard, with coating on the back.
  3. Oxford is made of two strands of yarn, and the weft yarn is relatively thick. Its weaving method is one up and one down, which is a very common weaving method. Generally 210D, 420D material, with coating on the back, used as lining or interlayer of the bag.
  4. HD is the abbreviation of high density, which means 210D and 420D. It is usually used as the lining or compartment of the bag, with coating on the back.
  5. R / S is the abbreviation of Rip-Stop. This fabric is nylon with small squares. Its tenacity is stronger than that of ordinary nylon. The outer edges of the squares on the fabric are thicker threads. The middle of the square is woven with very fine thread. Generally, there are 300D, 330D, 450D, etc., which can be used as the main material of the backpack, such as large noodles, outer pockets, etc. There is a coating on the back.
  6. Dobby, there are many very small lattices, but if you look at it carefully, you will find that it is made of two kinds of threads, one thick and one thin. The patterns on the front and back are different. Generally, there is little coating. The strength is much weaker than Cordura, which is generally only used in leisure bags or short-distance travel bags.
  7. Velocity is also a kind of nylon cloth with high strength. It is also used on mountaineering bags with coating on the back. It has 420D or higher strength. The fabric looks like dobby on the front.
  8. Taffeta is a kind of thin fabric with coating, some coating more than once, so the waterproof performance is better. Generally do not make the main fabric of the backpack, only the raincoat, or the rain cover of the backpack.
  9. Poly Pu, usually replaced by poly. The density of poly is 64t (low), 74t (medium), and 82t (high). The strength of fabric from 150D to 1800d is stronger and stronger. Generally, 600D high strength can be used as the bottom of the climbing bag, but its weaving method is not as strong as Cordura.
  10. Air mesh, which is different from the general network. There is a gap between the mesh surface and the material below, generally 3mm or more. And it is this kind of gap that makes it have good ventilation performance, so it is generally used as a strap or back or other places close to the body.
  11. Mesh net has many specifications. Nylon net is only used on both sides of the bag as a sundry bag or water bag.

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