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Bags Manufacturer Importance Of ISO14001

What is the position of ISO14001 standard in ISO14000 standard? ISO14001 is the leading standard of ISO14000 series standards. The core of this standard is to specify the elements of the environmental management system , that is, to put forward normative requirements for the environmental management system. The environmental management system of all organizations must comply with the elements, provisions, and modes of this standard. From another point of view, in the environmental management system certification of the organization, its compliance should be measured by ISO14001. The five parts of ISO14001 are related to other standards of ISO14000 series standards. For example, in the planning part, the analysis of the organization must be based on the life cycle assessment, andContinue readingBags Manufacturer Importance Of ISO14001

Bags Manufacturer Material Management

Strict material management SOP in the process of bags production can improve efficiency and ensure the quality of bags production. Material purchase basis (1) The salesman of the business department shall decompose the material factory and prepare the material budget table according to the samples provided or confirmed by the customer. (2) For the cloth in the material budget table, the calculated size of blanking shall be provided for verification. (3) The material name/model corresponding to the material budget table shall be in accordance with the specification, and material samples shall be provided if necessary. (4) The material budget table shall be reviewed by the professional reviewer as the basis for procurement. (5) After the material budget table is reviewed,Continue readingBags Manufacturer Material Management

Bags Production Management Specification

1. Purpose Strengthen the production process management, standardize the control of various factors affecting the production progress and process quality, make the production under control, improve the production efficiency, and improve the product quality. 2. scope of application It applies to the whole production process control from order review and signing to finished product warehousing and delivery after the customer confirms the intention. 3. responsibilities (1) Business department: quotation and cost analysis of bags order products, provision of material (quota) list, sample preparation and confirmation, issuance of production notice, and coordination of product delivery. (2) Production department: participate in order review, review the production notice and material quota submitted by the business department, approve the process (step) process and man-hourContinue readingBags Production Management Specification

Single Shoulder Bag Processing Instruction

Process flow diagram: Paperboard making – cutting die – blanking – Printing – sewing – Inspection – Packaging – packing – Warehousing The processing process is as follows: Paper grid: according to customer needs. The size shall be accurate, the round corner shall be round, and there shall be no right angle. For seam positioning, all interfaces shall be provided with positioning knife edges according to the requirements of 0.75cm, and positioning shall be provided at the hand-held position. Knife mold: the size and shape of the knife mold shall be made according to the paper grid. Blanking: the horizontal and straight lines shall be distinguished according to the requirements on the paper grid. There shall be no defective products,Continue readingSingle Shoulder Bag Processing Instruction

Common Cleaning Methods For Bags

There are three kinds of main fabrics for bags: canvas, PU, and nylon. The following is how to maintain and clean. Canvas A Canvas bag is a bag made of burlap. Its biggest feature is that it is strong and durable. In addition, it can be matched with any dress to show its personality and show its desire for freedom. Canvas bag cleaning method: if there is no deep dirt, you can wash it directly with water or dip a brush in water. If the canvas bag is stained with oil, it can be cleaned with neutral detergent or soap. For light-colored canvas bags, a little salt or white vinegar can avoid fading when cleaning. After the canvas bag isContinue readingCommon Cleaning Methods For Bags

A Complete Guide To Finding The Right Bag Manufacturer In China

China is already the first choice for mass production of all kinds of designed bags. Emerging companies and well-known brands are looking for Chinese manufacturers to make their products. If you’re thinking about the same thing, you should know something before you start. So what kind of bags are suitable for manufacturing in China? China’s leading position in the field of large-scale luggage manufacturing is well known. There are five famous luggage manufacturing cities in China, each with its own characteristics. You will surely find that at least one of them can make the kind of bag you need. When it comes to materials, you can find leather bags, canvas bags, and jute bags. In addition, you can meet bagContinue readingA Complete Guide To Finding The Right Bag Manufacturer In China

Introduction To The Fabric Of Bags

Cordura is a kind of fabric invented by DuPont company. It is light, fast-drying, soft, and durable. It is not easy to change colour after Using for a long time. This kind of fabric can appear in two colors from different angles. It is usually woven with nylon. With denier as the strength standard, it has 160D, 210D, 330D, 420D, 600D, 900D, 1000D, and so on. The higher the number, the stronger the texture. Generally, 160D to 210D are used on clothes or as lining for outdoor bags. Kodra, to a certain extent, can replace Cordura. This fabric is also made of nylon, which is also based on the fibre strength standard, with coating on the back. Oxford is madeContinue readingIntroduction To The Fabric Of Bags

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