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Leather Bags & Straw Bags Manufacturer

“Shining Bags” is one of the leading high-quality customized bag manufacturing companies, providing small batch orders and faster turnaround time.

Since 2000, we have been providing brand bag manufacturing services for local and overseas customers.And we have served over 1000 customers with our Powerful OEM&ODM ability.


Over 20 Years of customized bags experiences

Over 2,000 projects undertaken

2、Skilled team
Design and manufacture high quality with our engineers.

3、High Output
The monthly bulk production output is 120000 pcs.

4、Small Quantity Order

Low Minimum Order Quantities 50-100PCS each design is acceptable.

5、Quick response

Response to customer needs within 8 hours

6、Moral manufacturing practice

We believe in fair wages and treatment for workers in the industry and ensure that we abide by our beliefs.

We provide job security for employees and workers so that they can work at ease.

We reverently abide by all labour laws.

Each project has a dedicated account manager to ensure no delays and faster turnaround time.

    If you need OEM or ODM service,please contact us, we will be very willing to service you.
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