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Single Shoulder Bag Processing Instruction

Process flow diagram:

Paperboard making – cutting die – blanking – Printing – sewing – Inspection – Packaging – packing – Warehousing

The processing process is as follows:

  1. Paper grid: according to customer needs. The size shall be accurate, the round corner shall be round, and there shall be no right angle. For seam positioning, all interfaces shall be provided with positioning knife edges according to the requirements of 0.75cm, and positioning shall be provided at the hand-held position.
  2. Knife mold: the size and shape of the knife mold shall be made according to the paper grid.
  3. Blanking: the horizontal and straight lines shall be distinguished according to the requirements on the paper grid. There shall be no defective products, and the cleanliness of the fabric lining shall be maintained.
  4. Printing: the printing shape, pictures, or letters shall be clear, and the printing position shall not be crooked. It shall be done strictly according to the accurate position of the sample paper grid, and the cleanliness of the fabric shall be ensured at the same time.
  5. Flatcar (HEM): the needle is 1 cm (3 or 3.5 stitches, according to the customer’s requirements)
  6. Synchronous car (upper zipper): the zipper shall be straight, the needle shall be the same as above, and the edge distance shall be 0.2cm.
  7. Double-needle car (driver’s pull) requirements (needle position is the same as above, no burr, and the edge distance should be neat).
  8. The high car (synthetic product) shall be neat (the needle shall be 2.5 stitches/cm, the bag shall not be crooked, the edge distance shall be 0.8cm, and the corner shall not be wrinkled).
  9. Handyman (bag turning and thread cutting): the bag turning shall not be broken, the corners shall be turned out, the turning shall be flat, and the thread cutting shall be clean.
  10. Inspection: inspect according to the requirements of inspection specifications.
  11. Packing: the bags shall be folded neatly and put into OPP / PE bags according to the guest’s requirements.
  12. Packing: accurately enter the box according to the customer’s requirements and compile the serial box number.
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